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ACDK Articels

List of various articles from the ACDK packages and whitepapers.

Sub chapter pages:

How to use runtime configure in ACDK applications.

ACDK implementation of acdk::io::File is a fassade to a virtual file system.

ACDK Unit Test (acdk_tools_aunit) is a library to create regression tests for acdk classes. It is inspired by the Xtrem Programming tool from Kent Beck.

CfgScript is a object oriented scripting language similar to Java/JavaScript. CfgScript is uses and is used by ACDK for scripting purposes.

ACDK XML is a XML parsing framework similar to the java.xml package.

How to use acdk_sql.

ACDK SQLite is a ACDK library wrapping SQLite3 database with the JDBC like C++ interface.

Handbook for using acdk_wx - ACDKs rich client GUI libaries.

ACDK COM+ provides an interface from ACDK to Windows COM and vice versa.

With the module acdk_java you can access ACDK objects from Java and Java objects from ACDK.

acdk_perl_man contains an interface to an perl interperter and the DMI code to script ACDK objects from perl code.

acdk_python contains an interface to an Pyton interperter and the DMI code to script ACDK objects from Python code.

acdk_tcl_dll enables to embed Tcl scripting code into your ACDK application.

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