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Bug List

Member acdk::perl::APerlInterpreter::eval (IN(RString) code)
does't seem to work

Class acdk::util::Calendar
only partly implemented

Class acdk::io::CharArrayReader
Incomplete, Untested, etc.

Class acdk::io::CharArrayWriter
Incomplete, Untested, etc.

Class acdk::lang::Class
some of the methods regarded security and net are not implemented. Class is based on the underlying ClazzInfo structur, which will be generated by the metacompiler (acdkmc)

Class acdk::lang::ClassLoader
some function, which enables loaded Java-Classes from remote are not implemented

Class acdk::util::GregorianCalendar
only partly implemented Only the fields YEAR, MONTH and DAY_OF_MONTH works

Member acdk::util::Locale::setSystemLocaleValues (IN(RString) language, IN(RString) country, IN(RString) encoding)
not implemented

Class acdk::lang::Math
asin, IEEEremainder, rint not implemented

Class acdk::text::PropertyVarTemplateFilter

Class acdk::util::SimpleCalendar
only partly implemneted

Class acdk::net::SocketImplFactory
Incomplete, Untested

Class acdk::text::Template

Class acdk::text::TemplateFilter

Class tests::TestACDKObject

Member acdk::xml::dom::XMLDocument::createAttribute (IN(RString) s)
not supported

Member acdk::xml::dom::XMLDocument::createCDATASection (IN(RString) s)
not supported

Member acdk::xml::dom::XMLDocument::createComment (IN(RString) s)
not supported

Member acdk::xml::dom::XMLDocument::createDocumentFragment ()
not supported

Member acdk::xml::dom::XMLDocument::createElement (IN(RString) s)
not supported

Member acdk::xml::dom::XMLDocument::createEntityReference (IN(RString) s)
not supported

Member acdk::xml::dom::XMLDocument::createProcessingInstruction (IN(RString) s, IN(RString) s1)
not supported

Member acdk::xml::dom::XMLDocument::createTextNode (IN(RString) s)
not supported

Member acdk::xml::dom::XMLDocument::getElementsByTagName (IN(RString) s)
not supported

Member acdk::xml::dom::XMLDocument::getImplementation ()
not supported

Class acdk::xml::XMLObjectReader
_withFieldInfo == true will probably not work

Class acdk::xml::XMLObjectWriter
none known, but not very intensiv tested

not yet implemented

not yet implemented
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