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class NamedArgs

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NamedArgs Class Reference

#include <NamedArgs.h>

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Detailed Description

Wrapper to support named arguments in DMI.

Public Types

typedef ::acdk::lang::sys::core_vector<
NamedArg >::iterator 
typedef ::acdk::lang::sys::core_vector<
NamedArg >::const_iterator 

Public Member Functions

 NamedArgs ()
 NamedArgs (const NamedArg &na)
 NamedArgs (const NamedArg &na, const NamedArg &na2)
NamedArgsoperator<< (const NamedArg &na)
NamedArgsoperator, (const NamedArg &na)
int size () const
NamedArgoperator[] (int i)
const NamedArgoperator[] (int i) const

Public Attributes


Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ::acdk::lang::sys::core_vector<NamedArg>::const_iterator NamedArgs::const_iterator

typedef ::acdk::lang::sys::core_vector<NamedArg>::iterator NamedArgs::iterator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NamedArgs::NamedArgs  )  [inline]

NamedArgs::NamedArgs const NamedArg na  )  [inline]

NamedArgs::NamedArgs const NamedArg na,
const NamedArg na2

Member Function Documentation

NamedArgs& NamedArgs::operator, const NamedArg na  )  [inline]

NamedArgs& NamedArgs::operator<< const NamedArg na  )  [inline]

const NamedArg& NamedArgs::operator[] int  i  )  const [inline]

NamedArg& NamedArgs::operator[] int  i  )  [inline]

int NamedArgs::size  )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

::acdk::lang::sys::core_vector<NamedArg> NamedArgs::_args

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