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class ConsoleCharWriter

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acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter Class Reference

#include <ConsoleCharWriter.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter:

acdk::io::AbstractCharWriter acdk::lang::Object acdk::io::CharWriter acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Detailed Description

Write character to a Console (standard output or error output) API: ACDK

Roger Rene Kommer (
2005/04/09 19:26:44

Public Member Functions

 ConsoleCharWriter (ConsoleOutChannel fd, IN(acdk::lang::Object) iolock=Nil, IN(acdk::locale::REncoder) encoder=Nil)
 ~ConsoleCharWriter ()
void writeChar (char c)
 write a single ASCII 7 bit character

void writeChar (uc2char c)
void writeString (IN(RString) str)
 write a string

virtual void flush ()
 flush the writer

virtual void close ()
 close the writer

virtual RWriter getWriter (IN(acdk::locale::RDecoder) decoder=Nil)
 returns the underlying byte reader

Public Attributes

HANDLE _handle

Protected Attributes

acdk::locale::REncoder _encoder
RCharWriter _out
 may be Nil on Win32

ConsoleOutChannel _channel

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter::ConsoleCharWriter ConsoleOutChannel  fd,
IN(acdk::lang::Object iolock = Nil,
IN(acdk::locale::REncoder encoder = Nil

acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter::~ConsoleCharWriter  ) 

Member Function Documentation

virtual void acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter::close  )  [virtual]

close the writer

Implements acdk::io::AbstractCharWriter.

virtual void acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter::flush  )  [virtual]

flush the writer

Implements acdk::io::AbstractCharWriter.

virtual RWriter acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter::getWriter IN(acdk::locale::RDecoder decoder = Nil  )  [virtual]

returns the underlying byte reader

decoder If Nil uses the system encoding

Reimplemented from acdk::io::CharWriter.

void acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter::writeChar uc2char  c  ) 

void acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter::writeChar char  c  )  [virtual]

write a single ASCII 7 bit character

Implements acdk::io::AbstractCharWriter.

void acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter::writeString IN(RString str  )  [virtual]

write a string

Reimplemented from acdk::io::AbstractCharWriter.

Member Data Documentation

ConsoleOutChannel acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter::_channel [protected]

acdk::locale::REncoder acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter::_encoder [protected]

HANDLE acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter::_handle

RCharWriter acdk::io::ConsoleCharWriter::_out [protected]

may be Nil on Win32

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