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class RString

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acdk::lang::RString Class Reference
[SmartPointers and Garbage CollectionACDK String macros/function/classes]

#include <String.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::lang::RString:

RefHolder< String > List of all members.

Detailed Description

specialization of RefClass1Interface<String, acdk::lang::Object, RComparable> to enable String related operators API: Java

Roger Rene Kommer
2005/04/28 11:13:07

Public Member Functions

 RString (NilRef nil=Nil)
 default constructor

 RString (const RString &other)
 copy constructor

 RString (const String *impl)
 create constructor

 RString (const String &s)
template<class OT>  RString (const RefHolder< OT > &other)
 cast constructor

 RString (char *ptr)
 RString (const char *ptr)
 RString (uc2char *ptr)
 RString (const uc2char *ptr)
 RString (const StaticAsciiLiteral &strLit)
 RString (const std::string &str)
 RString (IN(RStringBuffer) strbuffer)
 RString (IN(::acdk::lang::dmi::ScriptVar) sv)
RStringoperator= (NilRef nil)
RStringoperator= (const char *ptr)
RStringoperator= (const uc2char *ptr)
bool operator== (const RString &other) const
bool operator!= (const RString &other) const
bool operator== (NilRef other) const
bool operator!= (NilRef other) const
Stringoperator-> () const
RString_ref_this ()

Static Public Member Functions

String_stringByCharPtr (char *ptr)
String_stringByCharPtr (const char *ptr)
String_stringByCharPtr (const uc2char *ptr)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::lang::RString::RString NilRef  nil = Nil  )  [inline]

default constructor

acdk::lang::RString::RString const RString other  )  [inline]

copy constructor

acdk::lang::RString::RString const String impl  )  [inline]

create constructor

acdk::lang::RString::RString const String s  )  [inline, explicit]

template<class OT>
acdk::lang::RString::RString const RefHolder< OT > &  other  )  [inline, explicit]

cast constructor

acdk::lang::RString::RString char *  ptr  )  [inline]

acdk::lang::RString::RString const char *  ptr  )  [inline]

acdk::lang::RString::RString uc2char ptr  )  [inline]

acdk::lang::RString::RString const uc2char ptr  )  [inline]

acdk::lang::RString::RString const StaticAsciiLiteral strLit  )  [inline]

acdk::lang::RString::RString const std::string &  str  )  [inline]

acdk::lang::RString::RString IN(RStringBuffer strbuffer  )  [inline]

acdk::lang::RString::RString IN(::acdk::lang::dmi::ScriptVar sv  )  [inline, explicit]

Member Function Documentation

RString* acdk::lang::RString::_ref_this  )  [inline]

Reimplemented from RefHolder< String >.

String* acdk::lang::RString::_stringByCharPtr const uc2char ptr  )  [inline, static]

String* acdk::lang::RString::_stringByCharPtr const char *  ptr  )  [inline, static]

String* acdk::lang::RString::_stringByCharPtr char *  ptr  )  [inline, static]

bool acdk::lang::RString::operator!= NilRef  other  )  const [inline]

Reimplemented from RefHolder< String >.

bool acdk::lang::RString::operator!= const RString other  )  const [inline]

String* acdk::lang::RString::operator->  )  const [inline]

Reimplemented from RefHolder< String >.

RString& acdk::lang::RString::operator= const uc2char ptr  )  [inline]

RString& acdk::lang::RString::operator= const char *  ptr  )  [inline]

RString& acdk::lang::RString::operator= NilRef  nil  )  [inline]

Reimplemented from RefHolder< String >.

bool acdk::lang::RString::operator== NilRef  other  )  const [inline]

Reimplemented from RefHolder< String >.

bool acdk::lang::RString::operator== const RString other  )  const [inline]

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