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class UnicodeCharacter

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acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter Class Reference

#include <UnicodeCharacter.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter:

acdk::lang::Object acdk::lang::Comparable acdk::lang::Cloneable acdk::io::Serializable acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Detailed Description

Wrapper to the basic uc2char type and provides extended information for a given unicode character.


Roger Rene Kommer (
2005/04/09 19:26:51
TYPE is not field, but method getTYPE().

Public Member Functions

 UnicodeCharacter (uc2char value)
virtual uc2char charValue ()
virtual int compareTo (IN(RUnicodeCharacter) other)
int compareTo (IN(RObject) other)
 reimplemented from Object

bool equals (IN(RObject) other)
 reimplemented from Object

int hashCode ()
 reimplemented from Object

RString toString ()
 reimplemented from Object

RObject clone (sys::Allocator *alc)
 reimplemented from Object

RObject clone ()
 reimplemented from Object

Static Public Member Functions

RObject create_instance ()
int compareTo (uc2char first, uc2char second)
int compareToIgnoreCase (uc2char first, uc2char second)
int asciiDigit (uc2char ch, int idx)
 return the integer number of a digit (0 - 9, A - Z)

bool isDigit (uc2char c)
int decVal (ucchar c)
 return the decimal value of given digit value This call is only value if isDigit(c) is true

bool isLetter (uc2char c)
bool isLetterOrDigit (uc2char c)
bool isLowerCase (uc2char c)
bool isSpace (uc2char c)
bool isWhitespace (uc2char c)
bool isWhitespaceOnly (uc2char c)
bool isControl (uc2char c)
bool isUpperCase (uc2char c)
bool isPunctation (uc2char c)
bool isSymbol (uc2char c)
bool isTitleCase (uc2char c)
bool isMark (uc2char c)
uc2char toLowerCase (uc2char c)
uc2char toUpperCase (uc2char c)
bool isJavaIdentifierStart (uc2char c)
bool isJavaIdentifierPart (uc2char c)
bool isUnicodeIdentifierStart (uc2char c)
bool isUnicodeIdentifierPart (uc2char c)
RString getCharacterDescription (uc2char c)
 extended return a description of this character

RString toString (uc2char c)
RClass getTYPE ()

Static Public Attributes

uc2char MAX_VALUE
uc2char MIN_VALUE

Protected Attributes

uc2char _value

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::UnicodeCharacter uc2char  value  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

int acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::asciiDigit uc2char  ch,
int  idx

return the integer number of a digit (0 - 9, A - Z)

ch the character (digit or letter)
idx radix of the number

virtual uc2char acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::charValue  )  [inline, virtual]

RObject acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::clone  )  [inline, virtual]

reimplemented from Object

Implements acdk::lang::Cloneable.

RObject acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::clone sys::Allocator alc  )  [inline, virtual]

reimplemented from Object

Reimplemented from acdk::lang::Cloneable.

int acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::compareTo uc2char  first,
uc2char  second
[inline, static]

int acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::compareTo IN(RObject other  )  [inline, virtual]

reimplemented from Object

Implements acdk::lang::Comparable.

virtual int acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::compareTo IN(RUnicodeCharacter other  )  [inline, virtual]

int acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::compareToIgnoreCase uc2char  first,
uc2char  second
[inline, static]

RObject acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::create_instance  )  [inline, static]

Reimplemented from acdk::lang::Object.

int acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::decVal ucchar  c  )  [static]

return the decimal value of given digit value This call is only value if isDigit(c) is true

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::equals IN(RObject other  )  [virtual]

reimplemented from Object

Reimplemented from acdk::lang::Object.

RString acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::getCharacterDescription uc2char  c  )  [static]

extended return a description of this character

RClass acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::getTYPE  )  [static]

int acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::hashCode  )  [inline, virtual]

reimplemented from Object

Reimplemented from acdk::lang::Object.

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isControl uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isDigit uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isJavaIdentifierPart uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isJavaIdentifierStart uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isLetter uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isLetterOrDigit uc2char  c  )  [inline, static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isLowerCase uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isMark uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isPunctation uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isSpace uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isSymbol uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isTitleCase uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isUnicodeIdentifierPart uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isUnicodeIdentifierStart uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isUpperCase uc2char  c  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isWhitespace uc2char  c  )  [inline, static]

bool acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::isWhitespaceOnly uc2char  c  )  [static]

uc2char acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::toLowerCase uc2char  c  )  [static]

RString acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::toString uc2char  c  )  [static]

RString acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::toString  )  [virtual]

reimplemented from Object

Reimplemented from acdk::lang::Object.

uc2char acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::toUpperCase uc2char  c  )  [static]

Member Data Documentation

uc2char acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::_value [protected]

int acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::MAX_RADIX [static]

uc2char acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::MAX_VALUE [static]

int acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::MIN_RADIX [static]

uc2char acdk::lang::UnicodeCharacter::MIN_VALUE [static]

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