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class UnitInfo

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acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo Class Reference

#include <ClazzInfo.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

All classes in one namespace are in one unit.

castable to NamedScopedMetaInfo

Public Member Functions

RString toTypeString (int formatflags) const
void dispose ()
 dispose this structure and owning Delete ClazzInfo if flags has MiDelete

UnitInfoclone (bool deep=true)
 Make a dynamic clone of this structor.

bool equalsName (IN(acdk::lang::RString) n) const
const NamedScopedParentMetaInfogetMetaInfo () const
NamedScopedParentMetaInfogetMetaInfo ()

Static Public Member Functions

UnitInfogetRoot ()
void toTypeString (StringBuffer &sb, const char *ns, int formatflags, bool withMerger)
const UnitInfofindUnitInfo (IN(RString) name, bool tryLoad=false)
 find unit info Asumed names are already in normalized for (acdk/lang reflect)

UnitInfocreate (const char *name)
UnitInfofindCreateUnit (const char *ns)
MetaInfofindMetaInfo (IN(RString) elementName)
void registerUnitInfo (UnitInfo *ui)

Public Attributes

int flags
void * attributeRes
const char * name
 name of unit

int nameHashCode
const char * ns
const UnitInfo_scopeParent
const NamedScopedMetaInfo_nextScopeSibling
const ClazzInfotype
 this is a dummy type and always void type

const NamedScopedMetaInfo_firstChild
 first element in unit child Chain

Member Function Documentation

UnitInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::clone bool  deep = true  ) 

Make a dynamic clone of this structor.

deep if true make also a clone of child structs

UnitInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::create const char *  name  )  [static]

void acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::dispose  ) 

dispose this structure and owning Delete ClazzInfo if flags has MiDelete

bool acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::equalsName IN(acdk::lang::RString n  )  const [inline]

UnitInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::findCreateUnit const char *  ns  )  [static]

MetaInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::findMetaInfo IN(RString elementName  )  [static]

const UnitInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::findUnitInfo IN(RString name,
bool  tryLoad = false

find unit info Asumed names are already in normalized for (acdk/lang reflect)

unitName may Nil
tryLoad use ClassLoader to find UnitInfo

NamedScopedParentMetaInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::getMetaInfo  )  [inline]

const NamedScopedParentMetaInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::getMetaInfo  )  const [inline]

UnitInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::getRoot  )  [static]

void acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::registerUnitInfo UnitInfo ui  )  [static]

void acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::toTypeString StringBuffer sb,
const char *  ns,
int  formatflags,
bool  withMerger

RString acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::toTypeString int  formatflags  )  const

Member Data Documentation

const NamedScopedMetaInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::_firstChild [mutable]

first element in unit child Chain

const NamedScopedMetaInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::_nextScopeSibling [mutable]

const UnitInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::_scopeParent [mutable]

void* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::attributeRes

See also:

int acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::flags

See also:

const char* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::name

name of unit

int acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::nameHashCode

const char* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::ns

const ClazzInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::UnitInfo::type

this is a dummy type and always void type

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