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class RC_GC_Heap

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acdk::lang::sys::RC_GC_Heap Class Reference

#include <RC_GC_Heap.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::lang::sys::RC_GC_Heap:

acdk::lang::sys::HeapFrame acdk::lang::sys::SysObject List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 RC_GC_Heap (RHeapFrame top=0, int flags=HeapIsThread, const char *name=)
virtual Allocatorallocator ()
 return the current Allocator for this HeapFrame

virtual bool gc (bool recursiv=true)
virtual void listObjects (::acdk::lang::ref::NotifyObjectEventListener *listener, int flags)
 uses NotifyObjectEventListener::listedAllocated

Protected Types

typedef size_t ObjectInfo
typedef TracedRawAllocator::ObjectsSet ObjectStack

Protected Member Functions

ObjectStackstack ()
 decrement all references and remove them from collection, if refernce is marked as static

bool _hasObject (const Object *obj) const

Protected Attributes

RTracedRawAllocator _allocator


class TracedRawAllocatorIterator

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef size_t acdk::lang::sys::RC_GC_Heap::ObjectInfo [protected]

typedef TracedRawAllocator::ObjectsSet acdk::lang::sys::RC_GC_Heap::ObjectStack [protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::lang::sys::RC_GC_Heap::RC_GC_Heap RHeapFrame  top = 0,
int  flags = HeapIsThread,
const char *  name =

Member Function Documentation

bool acdk::lang::sys::RC_GC_Heap::_hasObject const Object obj  )  const [protected]

virtual Allocator* acdk::lang::sys::RC_GC_Heap::allocator  )  [inline, virtual]

return the current Allocator for this HeapFrame

Implements acdk::lang::sys::HeapFrame.

virtual bool acdk::lang::sys::RC_GC_Heap::gc bool  recursiv = true  )  [virtual]

Implements acdk::lang::sys::HeapFrame.

virtual void acdk::lang::sys::RC_GC_Heap::listObjects ::acdk::lang::ref::NotifyObjectEventListener listener,
int  flags

uses NotifyObjectEventListener::listedAllocated

flags combination of ListObjectsFlags

Implements acdk::lang::sys::HeapFrame.

ObjectStack& acdk::lang::sys::RC_GC_Heap::stack  )  [inline, protected]

decrement all references and remove them from collection, if refernce is marked as static

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class TracedRawAllocatorIterator [friend]

Member Data Documentation

RTracedRawAllocator acdk::lang::sys::RC_GC_Heap::_allocator [protected]

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