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class LispSlot

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acdk::lisp::LispSlot Class Reference

#include <LispClass.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::lisp::LispSlot:

acdk::lang::Object acdk::lang::Cloneable acdk::io::Serializable acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 LispSlot (IN(RString) nam, bool isstatic=false, IN(RString) inita=Nil, IN(RLispVar) initval=Nil)
RString toCode ()
virtual acdk::lang::Object clone ()
virtual acdk::lang::Object clone (sys::Allocator *alc)

Static Public Member Functions

acdk::lang::Object create_instance ()
 for serialization

Public Attributes

RString name
RString initarg
bool isStatic
RLispVar initform
 In case of static also contains class varaible.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::lisp::LispSlot::LispSlot IN(RString nam,
bool  isstatic = false,
IN(RString inita = Nil,
IN(RLispVar initval = Nil

Member Function Documentation

virtual acdk::lang::Object acdk::lisp::LispSlot::clone sys::Allocator *  alc  )  [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from acdk::lang::Cloneable.

virtual acdk::lang::Object acdk::lisp::LispSlot::clone  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements acdk::lang::Cloneable.

acdk::lang::Object acdk::lisp::LispSlot::create_instance  )  [inline, static]

for serialization

Reimplemented from acdk::lang::Object.

RString acdk::lisp::LispSlot::toCode  ) 

Member Data Documentation

RString acdk::lisp::LispSlot::initarg

RLispVar acdk::lisp::LispSlot::initform

In case of static also contains class varaible.

bool acdk::lisp::LispSlot::isStatic

RString acdk::lisp::LispSlot::name

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