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class SRFileSystemClient

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acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient Class Reference

#include <SRFileSystemClient.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient:

acdk::lang::Object acdk::io::FileSystem acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 SRFileSystemClient ()
 used for deserialization

 SRFileSystemClient (IN(RInetAddress) address, int port)
 ~SRFileSystemClient ()
bool connect (IN(RString) constr, IN(RString) username, IN(RString) pass)
void connect (IN(RInetAddress) address, int port)
virtual RString getRootName ()
 returns the root name of the this file system Examples: /home/roger/

bool login (IN(RString) name, IN(RString) passwd)
RbyteArray retriveFile (IN(RFileInfo) fileInfo)
 Client function: retrive file content from server.

void sendFile (IN(RFileInfo) fileInfo, IN(RbyteArray) cont)
 Client function: send file content to server.

bool ping (bool returnping=true)
 Send ping to server.

void shutdownServer ()
 shutdown the connected server

RFileInfoArray loadFileTree (IN(RString) root, bool recursive=true)
 load the file tree

virtual bool ownsFile (IN(RString) fqfname)
virtual RFileArray listFiles (IN(RString) directory, int listflags)
virtual RFile file (IN(RString) path)
 creates an instance of given file.

virtual RFileImpl getFileImpl (IN(RString) fqpath)
 returns a file implementation for this full qualified file implementation

RFileInfo findFile (IN(RString) fqfile)
 find if given file is loaded

void disconnect ()
 disconnects from server

Public Attributes

RString _host
RString _root
mutable::acdk::net::RSocket _server
mutable::acdk::net::RTransRateReader _transReader
mutable::acdk::net::RTransRateWriter _transWriter
mutable::acdk::io::RObjectReader _bin
mutable::acdk::io::RObjectWriter _bout
RFileInfoArray _files

Static Public Attributes

RString _protocolName

Protected Member Functions

void updateTransRate ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::SRFileSystemClient  )  [inline]

used for deserialization

acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::SRFileSystemClient IN(RInetAddress address,
int  port

acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::~SRFileSystemClient  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::connect IN(RInetAddress address,
int  port

bool acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::connect IN(RString constr,
IN(RString username,
IN(RString pass

void acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::disconnect  ) 

disconnects from server

virtual RFile acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::file IN(RString path  )  [virtual]

creates an instance of given file.

path is without the FS name
returns a new File.

Implements acdk::io::FileSystem.

RFileInfo acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::findFile IN(RString fqfile  ) 

find if given file is loaded

virtual RFileImpl acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::getFileImpl IN(RString fqpath  )  [virtual]

returns a file implementation for this full qualified file implementation

Implements acdk::io::FileSystem.

virtual RString acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::getRootName  )  [inline, virtual]

returns the root name of the this file system Examples: /home/roger/

Implements acdk::io::FileSystem.

virtual RFileArray acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::listFiles IN(RString directory,
int  listflags

directory the absolute name with out the FSname
listflags a combination of ListFlags
list of files

Implements acdk::io::FileSystem.

RFileInfoArray acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::loadFileTree IN(RString root,
bool  recursive = true

load the file tree

bool acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::login IN(RString name,
IN(RString passwd

virtual bool acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::ownsFile IN(RString fqfname  )  [inline, virtual]

true, if given (absolut) file name is part of this file system. Example: /dir/subdir/file.dat -> owns StandardFileSystem /dir/ -> owns ZipFileSystem(/dir/

Implements acdk::io::FileSystem.

bool acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::ping bool  returnping = true  ) 

Send ping to server.

returnping server should send back a ping

RbyteArray acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::retriveFile IN(RFileInfo fileInfo  ) 

Client function: retrive file content from server.

void acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::sendFile IN(RFileInfo fileInfo,
IN(RbyteArray cont

Client function: send file content to server.

void acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::shutdownServer  ) 

shutdown the connected server

void acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::updateTransRate  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

mutable ::acdk::io::RObjectReader acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::_bin

mutable ::acdk::io::RObjectWriter acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::_bout

RFileInfoArray acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::_files

RString acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::_host

RString acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::_protocolName [static]

RString acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::_root

mutable ::acdk::net::RSocket acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::_server

mutable ::acdk::net::RTransRateReader acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::_transReader

mutable ::acdk::net::RTransRateWriter acdk::net::srfsys::SRFileSystemClient::_transWriter

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