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class Collections

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acdk::util::Collections Class Reference

#include <Collections.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::util::Collections:

acdk::lang::Object acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Detailed Description

Utility class with methods to operate on collections.

of the original Classpath implementation: Copyright (c) 1998 by Stuart Ballard ( Copyright (C) 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

(ACDK) Roger Rene Kommer (

Stuart Ballard (

2005/04/09 19:26:56

Static Public Member Functions

int binarySearch (IN(RList) list, IN(acdk::lang::Object) key, IN(RComparator) comparator=Nil)
void copy (IN(RList) dest, IN(RList) source)
REnumeration enumeration (IN(RCollection) c)
void fill (IN(RList) list, IN(acdk::lang::Object) val)
acdk::lang::Object max (IN(RCollection) coll)
void addAll (IN(RCollection) coll, IN(RObjectArray) array)

acdk::lang::Object max (IN(RCollection) coll, IN(RComparator) order)
acdk::lang::Object min (IN(RCollection) coll)
acdk::lang::Object min (IN(RCollection) coll, IN(RComparator) order)
RList nCopies (int count, IN(acdk::lang::Object) object)
 not implemented yet

void reverse (IN(RList) list)
RComparator reverseOrder ()
void shuffle (IN(RList) list)
void shuffle (IN(RList) list, IN(RRandom) rnd)
RSet singleton (IN(acdk::lang::Object) o)
void sort (IN(RList) list, IN(RComparator) comparator=Nil)
RCollection synchronizedCollection (IN(RCollection) coll, IN(acdk::lang::Object) lock=Nil)
RList synchronizedList (IN(RList) list, IN(acdk::lang::Object) lock=Nil)
RSet synchronizedSet (IN(RSet) set, IN(acdk::lang::Object) lock=Nil)
RSortedSet synchronizedSortedSet (IN(RSortedSet) sortedset, IN(acdk::lang::Object) lock=Nil)
RMap synchronizedMap (IN(RMap) map, IN(acdk::lang::Object) lock=Nil)
RSortedMap synchronizedSortedMap (IN(RSortedMap) sortedmap, IN(acdk::lang::Object) lock=Nil)
RCollection unmodifiableCollection (IN(RCollection) c)
RList unmodifiableList (IN(RList) list)
RMap unmodifiableMap (IN(RMap) m)
RSet unmodifiableSet (IN(RSet) s)
RSortedMap unmodifiableSortedMap (IN(RSortedMap) m)
RSortedSet unmodifiableSortedSet (IN(RSortedSet) s)
RList get_EMPTY_LIST ()
RSet get_EMPTY_SET ()

Static Private Member Functions

int _defaultSearch (IN(RList) list, IN(acdk::lang::Object) key, IN(RComparator) c)
int _compare (IN(acdk::lang::Object) o1, IN(acdk::lang::Object) o2, IN(RComparator) comparator)

Static Private Attributes


Member Function Documentation

int acdk::util::Collections::_compare IN(acdk::lang::Object o1,
IN(acdk::lang::Object o2,
IN(RComparator comparator
[inline, static, private]

int acdk::util::Collections::_defaultSearch IN(RList list,
IN(acdk::lang::Object key,
IN(RComparator c
[static, private]

void acdk::util::Collections::addAll IN(RCollection coll,
IN(RObjectArray array


int acdk::util::Collections::binarySearch IN(RList list,
IN(acdk::lang::Object key,
IN(RComparator comparator = Nil

void acdk::util::Collections::copy IN(RList dest,
IN(RList source

REnumeration acdk::util::Collections::enumeration IN(RCollection c  )  [static]

void acdk::util::Collections::fill IN(RList list,
IN(acdk::lang::Object val

RList acdk::util::Collections::get_EMPTY_LIST  )  [static]

RSet acdk::util::Collections::get_EMPTY_SET  )  [static]

acdk::lang::Object acdk::util::Collections::max IN(RCollection coll,
IN(RComparator order

of the original Java implementation Stuart Ballard (

acdk::lang::Object acdk::util::Collections::max IN(RCollection coll  )  [static]

acdk::lang::Object acdk::util::Collections::min IN(RCollection coll,
IN(RComparator order

of the original Java implementation Stuart Ballard (

acdk::lang::Object acdk::util::Collections::min IN(RCollection coll  )  [static]

of the original Java implementation Stuart Ballard (

RList acdk::util::Collections::nCopies int  count,
IN(acdk::lang::Object object

not implemented yet

void acdk::util::Collections::reverse IN(RList list  )  [static]

RComparator acdk::util::Collections::reverseOrder  )  [static]

void acdk::util::Collections::shuffle IN(RList list,
IN(RRandom rnd

of the original Java implementation Stuart Ballard (

void acdk::util::Collections::shuffle IN(RList list  )  [static]

RSet acdk::util::Collections::singleton IN(acdk::lang::Object o  )  [static]

void acdk::util::Collections::sort IN(RList list,
IN(RComparator comparator = Nil

RCollection acdk::util::Collections::synchronizedCollection IN(RCollection coll,
IN(acdk::lang::Object lock = Nil

RList acdk::util::Collections::synchronizedList IN(RList list,
IN(acdk::lang::Object lock = Nil

RMap acdk::util::Collections::synchronizedMap IN(RMap map,
IN(acdk::lang::Object lock = Nil

RSet acdk::util::Collections::synchronizedSet IN(RSet set,
IN(acdk::lang::Object lock = Nil

RSortedMap acdk::util::Collections::synchronizedSortedMap IN(RSortedMap sortedmap,
IN(acdk::lang::Object lock = Nil

RSortedSet acdk::util::Collections::synchronizedSortedSet IN(RSortedSet sortedset,
IN(acdk::lang::Object lock = Nil

RCollection acdk::util::Collections::unmodifiableCollection IN(RCollection c  )  [static]

RList acdk::util::Collections::unmodifiableList IN(RList list  )  [static]

RMap acdk::util::Collections::unmodifiableMap IN(RMap m  )  [static]

RSet acdk::util::Collections::unmodifiableSet IN(RSet s  )  [static]

RSortedMap acdk::util::Collections::unmodifiableSortedMap IN(RSortedMap m  )  [static]

RSortedSet acdk::util::Collections::unmodifiableSortedSet IN(RSortedSet s  )  [static]

Member Data Documentation

RList acdk::util::Collections::_EMPTY_LIST [static, private]

RSet acdk::util::Collections::_EMPTY_SET [static, private]

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