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class ZipFileSystem

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acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem Class Reference

#include <ZipFileSystem.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem:

acdk::lang::Object acdk::io::FileSystem acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 ZipFileSystem (IN(RString) zipfile)
 ~ZipFileSystem ()
bool ownsFile (IN(RString) fname)
RString getRootName ()
 returns the root name of the this file system Examples: /home/roger/

acdk::io::RFileArray listFiles (IN(RString) directory, int listflags)
acdk::io::RFile file (IN(RString) path)
 creates an instance of given file.

acdk::io::RFileImpl getFileImpl (IN(RString) fqpath)
 returns a file implementation for this full qualified file implementation

int fileCount ()
void dump (IN(acdk::io::RPrintWriter) out)

Static Public Member Functions

void loadFileSystem ()
 this is needed to be sure, that this .dll/.so will be loaded into memory

Protected Member Functions

void _load ()
void _addDerived ()
void _addDirLfh (IN(RString) dirname)
RLocalFileHeader _find (IN(RString) fname)
void _readCentralDirectory (acdk::io::Reader &in)
void _findCentralDirectory (acdk::io::Reader &in)
void _scanLocalHeader (acdk::io::Reader &in)

Private Attributes

RString _fileName
bool _loaded
RLocalFileHeaderArray _lfheaders


class ZipFileImpl

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::ZipFileSystem IN(RString zipfile  ) 

acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::~ZipFileSystem  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::_addDerived  )  [protected]

void acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::_addDirLfh IN(RString dirname  )  [protected]

RLocalFileHeader acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::_find IN(RString fname  )  [protected]

void acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::_findCentralDirectory acdk::io::Reader in  )  [protected]

void acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::_load  )  [protected]

void acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::_readCentralDirectory acdk::io::Reader in  )  [protected]

void acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::_scanLocalHeader acdk::io::Reader in  )  [protected]

void acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::dump IN(acdk::io::RPrintWriter out  ) 

acdk::io::RFile acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::file IN(RString path  )  [virtual]

creates an instance of given file.

path is without the FS name
returns a new File.

Implements acdk::io::FileSystem.

int acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::fileCount  )  [inline]

acdk::io::RFileImpl acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::getFileImpl IN(RString fqpath  )  [virtual]

returns a file implementation for this full qualified file implementation

Implements acdk::io::FileSystem.

RString acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::getRootName  )  [virtual]

returns the root name of the this file system Examples: /home/roger/

Implements acdk::io::FileSystem.

acdk::io::RFileArray acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::listFiles IN(RString directory,
int  listflags

directory the absolute name with out the FSname
listflags a combination of ListFlags
list of files

Implements acdk::io::FileSystem.

void acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::loadFileSystem  )  [static]

this is needed to be sure, that this .dll/.so will be loaded into memory

bool acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::ownsFile IN(RString fname  )  [virtual]

true, if given (absolut) file name is part of this file system. Example: /dir/subdir/file.dat -> owns StandardFileSystem /dir/ -> owns ZipFileSystem(/dir/

Implements acdk::io::FileSystem.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ZipFileImpl [friend]

Member Data Documentation

RString acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::_fileName [private]

RLocalFileHeaderArray acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::_lfheaders [private]

bool acdk::vfile::zip::ZipFileSystem::_loaded [private]

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