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class XMLTokenizer

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acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer Class Reference

#include <XMLTokenizer.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer:

acdk::lang::Object acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Detailed Description

parses XML should be reworked, because doesn't fit into io concept

Public Member Functions

 XMLTokenizer (IN(RReader) in)
virtual short nextToken ()
virtual RString element ()
virtual void unread ()
RReader getIn ()

Static Public Attributes

const short TOK_INVALID
 The expected tokens for a XML stream.

const short TOK_EOF
const short TOK_SYMBOL
const short TOK_STRING
const short TOK_TEXT
const short TOK_COMMENT
const short TOK_LT
const short TOK_GT
const short TOK_QSIGN
const short TOK_EQ
const short TOK_SLASH
const short TOK_EXCLAM
const short TOK_BAR
const short TOK_LPAREN
const short TOK_RPAREN
const short TOK_LBRACKET
const short TOK_RBRACKET
const short TOK_PLUS
const short TOK_ASTERISK
const short TOK_COMMA
const short TOK_SEMICOLON
const short TOK_NSIGN
const short TOK_APOSTR
const short TOK_PERCENT

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _skipWhitespace ()
virtual short _readSymbol ()
virtual short _readString ()
virtual short _readComment ()
virtual short _readText ()

Private Member Functions

int _read ()

Private Attributes

RReader _in
RStringBuffer _elem
short _lastTok
bool _useLast
bool _isOpen
int _pushedBack

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::XMLTokenizer IN(RReader in  ) 

Member Function Documentation

int acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::_read  )  [inline, private]

virtual short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::_readComment  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::_readString  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::_readSymbol  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::_readText  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual void acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::_skipWhitespace  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual RString acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::element  )  [virtual]

RReader acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::getIn  )  [inline]

virtual short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::nextToken  )  [virtual]

virtual void acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::unread  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

RStringBuffer acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::_elem [private]

RReader acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::_in [private]

bool acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::_isOpen [private]

short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::_lastTok [private]

int acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::_pushedBack [private]

bool acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::_useLast [private]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_APOSTR [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_ASTERISK [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_BAR [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_COMMA [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_COMMENT [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_EOF [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_EQ [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_EXCLAM [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_GT [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_INVALID [static]

The expected tokens for a XML stream.

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_LBRACKET [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_LPAREN [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_LT [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_NSIGN [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_PERCENT [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_PLUS [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_QSIGN [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_RBRACKET [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_RPAREN [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_SEMICOLON [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_SLASH [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_STRING [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_SYMBOL [static]

const short acdk::xml::XMLTokenizer::TOK_TEXT [static]

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