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class ARB

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acdkx::arb::ARB Class Reference

#include <arb.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdkx::arb::ARB:

acdk::lang::Object acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual RString object_to_string (IN(acdk::lang::Object) obj)
virtual acdk::lang::Object string_to_object (IN(RString) obj)
virtual void run ()
virtual void shutdown ()
virtual bool work_pending ()
bool _doShutdown ()
RThreadGroup threadGroup ()
RObjectID impl_is_ready (IN(acdk::lang::Object) obj)
 Server: register object.

RConnection connect (IN(RObjectID) objid)
 Client: connect to the given client.

bool isLocalObject (IN(RObjectID) objid)

Static Public Member Functions

RARB getARB ()

Protected Member Functions


Private Attributes

int _port
RHashMap _objects
RHashMap _objectsIds
bool _shutdown
RThreadGroup _treadGroup
bool _isServer

Static Private Attributes


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdkx::arb::ARB::ARB int  port = DEFAULT_ARB_PORT  )  [inline, protected]

Member Function Documentation

bool acdkx::arb::ARB::_doShutdown  ) 

RConnection acdkx::arb::ARB::connect IN(RObjectID objid  ) 

Client: connect to the given client.

RARB acdkx::arb::ARB::getARB  )  [static]

RObjectID acdkx::arb::ARB::impl_is_ready IN(acdk::lang::Object obj  ) 

Server: register object.

bool acdkx::arb::ARB::isLocalObject IN(RObjectID objid  ) 

virtual RString acdkx::arb::ARB::object_to_string IN(acdk::lang::Object obj  )  [virtual]

virtual void acdkx::arb::ARB::run  )  [virtual]

virtual void acdkx::arb::ARB::shutdown  )  [virtual]

virtual acdk::lang::Object acdkx::arb::ARB::string_to_object IN(RString obj  )  [virtual]

RThreadGroup acdkx::arb::ARB::threadGroup  )  [inline]

virtual bool acdkx::arb::ARB::work_pending  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

bool acdkx::arb::ARB::_isServer [private]

RHashMap acdkx::arb::ARB::_objects [private]

RHashMap acdkx::arb::ARB::_objectsIds [private]

int acdkx::arb::ARB::_port [private]

bool acdkx::arb::ARB::_shutdown [private]

RARB acdkx::arb::ARB::_theARB [static, private]

RThreadGroup acdkx::arb::ARB::_treadGroup [private]

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