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namespace acdk::xml

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acdk::xml Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Contains acdk related XML implementations.


class  RemoteInterface
 An holder for a remote interface API: ACDK<br/>. More...

class  TestClass
class  XMLObjectReader
 API: ACDK<br/>. More...

class  XMLObjectWriter
 API: ACDK<br/> Writes all ACDK Objects with meta-info to XML. More...

class  XMLTokenizer
 parses XML should be reworked, because doesn't fit into io concept More...


const int XMLSerializeDefaultFlags

Variable Documentation

const int acdk::xml::XMLSerializeDefaultFlags

Initial value:

                                    | acdk::io::SerializeTagged 
                                    | acdk::io::SerializeLabeled 
                                    | acdk::io::SerializeReduced
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