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struct NamedScopedMetaInfo

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acdk::lang::dmi::NamedScopedMetaInfo Struct Reference

#include <MetaInfo.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::lang::dmi::NamedScopedMetaInfo:

acdk::lang::dmi::NamedMetaInfo acdk::lang::dmi::MetaInfo acdk::lang::dmi::TypedMetaInfo acdk::lang::dmi::NamedScopedParentMetaInfo List of all members.

Public Member Functions

RString getScopedName (const char *joiner) const
void copyFrom (const NamedScopedMetaInfo *source, bool deep)
void registerInParent () const
 register this into parent.

void unregisterFromParent () const
void dispose ()

Public Attributes

const char * ns
 FQ name of parent -> ns::name is FQ name.

const NamedScopedMetaInfo_scopeParent
 Parent MetaInfo containing this.

const NamedScopedMetaInfo_nextScopeSibling
 list of sibling in the same scope

Member Function Documentation

void acdk::lang::dmi::NamedScopedMetaInfo::copyFrom const NamedScopedMetaInfo source,
bool  deep

void acdk::lang::dmi::NamedScopedMetaInfo::dispose  ) 

Reimplemented from acdk::lang::dmi::NamedMetaInfo.

Reimplemented in acdk::lang::dmi::TypedMetaInfo.

RString acdk::lang::dmi::NamedScopedMetaInfo::getScopedName const char *  joiner  )  const

void acdk::lang::dmi::NamedScopedMetaInfo::registerInParent  )  const

register this into parent.

parent has to be NamedScopedParentMetaInfo (currently only UnitInfo)

void acdk::lang::dmi::NamedScopedMetaInfo::unregisterFromParent  )  const

Member Data Documentation

const NamedScopedMetaInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::NamedScopedMetaInfo::_nextScopeSibling [mutable]

list of sibling in the same scope

const NamedScopedMetaInfo* acdk::lang::dmi::NamedScopedMetaInfo::_scopeParent [mutable]

Parent MetaInfo containing this.

const char* acdk::lang::dmi::NamedScopedMetaInfo::ns

FQ name of parent -> ns::name is FQ name.

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