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Todo List

Member acdk::lang::sys::Allocator::initObjectPtr (void *ptr, AllocatedType type)
check if this function is superflous

Member org::w3c::dom::Element::addEntity (IN(RString) name, IN(RString) text)
Element::addEntity not implemented yet

Member ExtObjectPtr::operator-> ()

Member acdk::io::File::deleteOnExit ()
File::deleteOnExit not supported yet

Class acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteDatabaseMetaData
many function may not return valid values

Class acdk::io::MemoryMappedFile
in which context this class should be: Reader/Writer? File?

Class acdk::tools::mc::MetaCompiler
externalMetaInfo is aways true. Cleanup code

Member org::w3c::dom::Node::toXML ()
implement in derived interfaces

Class acdk::sql::odbc::ODBCConnection
The ODBC connection is not fully implemented.
  • Support more Data types in all classes. Currently only Strings and int are tested. Some other types are implemented, but not tested.
  • Support the set methods of the ResultSet
  • Support CallableConnection
  • Support / test transactions

Member acdk::sql::odbc::ODBCConnection::getTypeMap ()
not implemented

Member acdk::sql::odbc::ODBCConnection::getWarnings ()

Member acdk::sql::odbc::ODBCConnection::nativeSQL (INP(RString) sql)
not implemented

Member acdk::sql::odbc::ODBCConnection::rollback ()
not implemented

Member acdk::sql::odbc::ODBCConnection::setAutoCommit (bool autoCommit)

Member acdk::sql::odbc::ODBCConnection::setCatalog (INP(RString) catalog)
not implemented

Member acdk::sql::odbc::ODBCConnection::setTransactionIsolation (int level)
not implemented

Member acdk::sql::odbc::ODBCConnection::setTypeMap (INP(acdk::util::RMap) map)
not implemented

Member acdk::sql::odbc::ODBCPreparedStatement::clearParameters ()

Member acdk::io::RessourceFileImpl::getReader ()
change this to StringReader

Class acdk::util::SynchronizedIterator
check which function of the Synchronized group need virtual methods

Class acdk::lang::SystemError
do not inline functions with sys::coreout etc.

Member acdk::util::TBucket::getValueByKey (INP(RKeyType) key)
definition of nil by T = int

Member acdk::util::TBucket::removeByKey (INP(RKeyType) key)
definition of nil by T = int

Member acdk::util::THashMap::get (INP(RKeyType) key)
definition of nil by T = int

Member acdk::util::THashMap::remove (INP(RKeyType) key)
definition of nil by T = int

Member acdk::lang::ThreadGroup::setMaxPriority (int prio)
has no functionality

Member acdk::util::TTreeMap::firstKey ()
relay on NullPointerException

Class acdk::net::URL
integrate with acdk::io::FileSystem and acdk::io::FileImpl
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