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CfgScript Handbook

CfgScript is a object oriented scripting language similar to Java/JavaScript. CfgScript is uses and is used by ACDK for scripting purposes.

Sub chapter pages:

CfgScript is a full featured scripting language based on ACDK. CfgScript is used in the the ACDK Metacompiler and the ACDK Make.

How to use CfgScript

acdkcfgscript is the command line interpreter for executing CfgScript scripts.

The CfgScript language has similarities to Java, JScript and is based on and extends ACDK.

CfgScript uses ACDK libraries.

CfgScript can easily be embedded into a C++ application.

Use CfgScript with IDEs.

How to debug a CfgScript.

CfgScript provides a template language, quite similar to JSP.

Where to to find examples for the CfgScript language

The wish list for CfgScript

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