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acdk_core contains the core distribution of ACDK.

The ACDK Core package contains the basic tools and libraries of the ACDK framework.

The acdk_core library includes the basic classes in the namespaces  acdk::lang,  acdk::util,  acdk::io,  acdk::lang::reflect, and  acdk::lang::ref (corresponds to java.lang,, java.util, etc.) and establish a  powerfull and simple framework, with most  features known by Java or C#.

acdk_core also implements the basic  reflection, late binding and  object oriented integration of scripting languages.

Additionally acdk_core contains a  logging framework similar to frameworks like log4j.

The Metacompiler  acdkmc add  Metainfo like runtime type information, support for  ClassLoader and attached  Attributes to C++.

Because software quality is direcly connected to the availability of a testing framework the  unit test framework acdk_tools_aunit is included in the ACDK Core package.

The library  acdk_security contains some basic encryption functions.

The scripting language  CfgScript is a  full featured object oriented scripting language with Java/ACDK syntax, which does not only allow to instrument all ACDK classes in scripts, but also define own ACDK classes.

Detailed documentation about ACDK, with  handbook and  API reference is available online or for http download.

Sub chapter pages:

ACDK Core (acdk_core)acdk_core contains the core distribution of ACDK.

Basic documentation for the acdk_core package.

man pages for acdkmc - ACDK Metacompiler

acdk_cfgscript contains a scripting language named CfgScript with maximum integration into ACDK and C++. acdk_cfgscript is used in the the ACDK Metacompiler and the ACDK Make.

Man page of acdk_security_dll.

The man page of acdk_tool_mc the package for MetaInfo Compiler.

ACDK Unit Test (acdk_tools_aunit) is a library to create regression tests for acdk classes. It is inspired by the Xtrem Programming tool from Kent Beck.

This is a generic installation for ACDK packages.

ACDK is available under the LGPL license.

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